Idle Tuesday issues

Me, 33 years old, undiagnosed, end of a gentle winter, Tuesday afternoon

How many years do I need to go through all universal literature books?

Action of thoughts (innocence presumptions, ideas, ‘mykinda’ logic and optimism)
Google says there are 195 sovereign states: 193 ONU members and 2 observers: Vatican and Palestine. I take into consideration 3 universal literature writers for each of the 195 states. Just three.
195 x 3 = 585
585 universal literature books which I want to read
In theory, along with commitment, discipline and strong will it will be roughly about 1 book per month. 12 books per year.
585 / 12 ~ 49
49 years. 49 years to absorb all universal literature?! Not bad.
Further along…
I stuck my foot in the universal literature waters for the first time at 14. It was the pinky of my left foot, but it counts.
33 – 14 = 19
19 x 12 = 228
228 universal literature books up until now. Up to my knee in the waters. 357 books and 29,75 years more to go until I’ll be entirely wet.
33 + 29,75 = 62,75
At 62 years old, seven months and five days I will be submerged in universal literature waters. Retirement age sounds like something worth waiting for.

Moment of suspense aka moment of truth
Reality checks in: how many universal literature books have I read since 14? Was it a book per month or a book per year? If I were to give myself an honest answer, how many years will I be adding to the remaining 29,75?

I must die in peace. Hence, urgently need other plans. Fuck.

The math, the logic, the nonsense all mine.
Google accessible to others.
Choices to each.


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