It wouldn’t be Christmas without

Two weeks of cleaning, rubbing, wiping, dusting, disinfecting, washing, spraying windows, curtains, carpets, rugs, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, faucets, tiles, tables, closets, refrigerator under it, on it, inside it, on the side.

Queues at Lidl, Penny, Basu, Horia, Casandra, Kime, T&A for sweets, beer, orange, butter, milk, eggs, bread, chicken, grapes, fizzy drinks, pickled cabbage, crackers, peanuts, sour cream, vanilla, sugar, powdered sugar, nuts, Turkish delight, cottage cheese.

Baking cakes, sponges, cookie sheets, burned a few, spoil some eggs, don’t follow the recipe, change recipe, bored with the recipe, gave up master-chef, heated oven, too heated oven, open window, unidentified object out of the window, unknown composition down the toilet, other incriminating proves in the trash. Albinița (honey cake) and Sneakers were a hit. Lemon tart a shame on my 3 star apron. Almond and nut cookies, French dough cookies with cocoa glaze another hit. Continuă să citești